A Friday Lecture: Don’t Give Discounts

I shared some important words with my students for their weekly “Friday lecture” today. After giving my weekly safety lecture for the weekend, I spoke truth that had been laid on my own heart this week:

You set the standards for how others treat you, by how you treat yourself and by how you allow others to treat you. Your standards have a price. You should  respect those in authority; however, you must also respect yourself and the way you deserve to be treated by yourself and by your peers. If you allow person A to treat you badly, when person B enters your life they will believe they can also treat you with disrespect as person A is allowed to do. So, if someone cannot afford to meet your standards, you do have an option. You can choose to not accept this behavior and cut this person off, you do not have to give any discounts when it comes to treating you well. Know your worth, and live like you do.

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