“Immigration,” for my Dreamers.

This will be by far the most controversial blog I have written thus far…potentially the most controversial that I will ever post. Yet, here we go.

As a writer’s note, I started this post on January 31, 2018. I didn’t know when I’d finish it, but I intended to write and review it for at least 24 hours, hoping somehow “23 and me” would return my DNA results this week.

They did…I received my results the morning of February 5th.

The point of this writing is to remind you that every single individual in America is descended from an immigrant, if they are not an immigrant themselves. The lack of understanding of this concept is, in my opinion, one of the largest issues in this country.

Let me repeat my point:

Every person who came to America was an immigrant.


They were also immigrants, they walked (maybe rode a Mammoth *insert my students fake laughing at corny joke about Mammoth here*) across a land bridge called the Bering Strait during the Ice Age, while following a food source…I promise, look it up. Even North Carolina is liberal enough to teach this to high school students. And I am sorry, not many of you are full-blooded Native American, so the argument is irrelevant for you.

They are so many people terrified of “illegal immigrants” taking their job and land. What do you think white “Americans” did to the Native Americans? Goodness, please let me get you a history book, or verbally teach you a history lesson. It’s pretty bad.

I fully expected my “23 and Me” test results to show multiple European ancestors, potentially some African, and probably some Hispanic…If I was lucky some Native American. In America, it is assumed I am white…and physically I am. But I’m what I like to call a “mutt” made up of many different backgrounds.  I guarantee if you did an ancestral check you would see you are too, no matter your race/social/economic/cultural background.

The answer to my DNA did in fact show my “mutt” background.

99.3% of me was made up of DNA that means at some point, my ancestors came to America from Europe. I was 89.8% Northwestern European (think Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, etc), 5.7% Southern European (think Italy, Iberian Peninsula, etc), 2.0% “Eastern European” (like Poland and former satellite countries, like Bulgaria), and 1.8% “Broadly European” (I take that as “so European” they couldn’t even figure it out). And are you ready for what the other .7% was? WEST AFRICAN and SUB-SAHARAN AFRICAN (somebody call my African friends and family from my mission trip because this made me extremely happy). I was not Native American, Asian, or Oceanic, in any way according to my DNA.

Yet, my “23andMe” ancestral results solidly conclude that my ancestors were immigrants.

So, why exactly are people terrified of immigrants? Here’s how to stop that: Work hard for your job, be educated, be kind and loving, annnd stop being a racist. It is not endearing. It is actually offensive.

To my DreamersI love you. I love what you bring to the table. Keep doing what you’re doing. Work hard for what they call “The American Dream.” I believe in you. I cannot wait to see how you prove wrong anyone who does not believe in you. 

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