Inane subjects

Today I sat in traffic for about a half hour longer than I expected to…and I spent the time in thought. I have attempted to think more in positive vibes and less in angry brain waves…today I failed at that.

There some subject topics that are inane…just, purely, idiotic, inane, stupid, ridiculous, unnecessary (Yes, I know those all fall in the same boat, but I’m not a happy camper right now). Some are acceptable, some are not. This is merely my rant, my personal opinion.

Not Acceptable Inane Topics

  • my health….particularly if I’m not part of the conversation
  • Whether I have the ability to DO MY JOB BASED ON MY HEALTH …. [I wish this was something I made up that someone said, but it’s not]
  • If I’m doing what I should do to take care of my body
  • If I’m on the right medication for my body – if you aren’t my rheumatologist or neurologist, I don’t care about your opinion…
  • If I have the ability to hold my title BASED ON MY HEALTH
  • what kind of workouts I should do based on my health
  • basically any questions about my health/health decisions unless you’re my best friend, one of my specialists, immediate family, boyfriend, or yoga teacher please just hush
  • If I’ve gained/lost weight since Miss NC
  • any questions about what I’m eating…*I Just PHYSICALLY shook my head at this
  • how I use my earned PTO days….they’re to see doctors, but if they weren’t that’s my business, just like your PTO days are your business
  • if I should spend my time/energy/money on volunteerism/philanthropy/donations
  • if one person can handle an MA in history while also working full-time
  • how grad school went for you so it’ll also be hard for me (according to you); yes it is really hard to manage a full-time job, a MAO title, volunteerism, doing what I need to do health wise, grad school, and trying to find the right meds for my pain disorder and autoimmune disorder
  • basically anything negative about me – most of it does make its way back to me…

Acceptable (potentially) Inane Topics

  • Do I need anything/how am I feeling/how can you help
  • how did I feel about Ellen’s Game of Game’s last night (clearly a Wednesday conversation) like how funny was that guy’s dance?
  • What’s the best book I read recently (most recent suggestions “I, Ripper” or “Blood and Salt”….more to come on this *hopefully* soon)
  • Have I seen the new meme trend yet?
  • Am I excited both my College Team and NFL team made it as far as they could #patsnation #dawgs
  • How are my cats? (I guarantee they did something funny recently)
  • Can I show you this cute [baby or adult] elephant picture?
  • Genuine concern about my health/medication/treatment and trying to help
  • Book suggestions of bomb books you’ve read
  • beer suggestions … from me to you or you to me
  • where you had an awesome app/sushi roll/entree/dessert earlier this week and what it is so I can order it
  • what Yoga With Adriene video/series I’m loving right now
  • If I want to go grab coffee…the answer is always yes
  • What show or movie I should watch on my AppleTv next

So…Today’s life lesson, don’t be mean, be nice. I promise I’m nice in response, seriously.

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