Accomplishments in 2017

A few days ago I sat down and typed up my goals (not resolutions) for the year of 2018. I reflected on the fact that in 2015 I also made a list for myself of 15 things I had accomplished for the year. So today, I want to write about (at least) 17 things that I accomplished in 2017.

  1. I won the Kate Peacock Teaching Fellow Scholarship. I poured my heart into my application with vulnerability about what it means to me to teach where I do and with the style that I do. A committee read through multiple applications and chose mine to win a scholarship for what I have done and hope to do. It was one of the most humbling moments of my life as I ran, ugly crying, across the stage to hug Miss North Carolina 2014 Kate Peacock and accept the scholarship with her namesake then to bring it home to my students and school.
  2. I got into grad school. I have wanted to apply for years but wanted to pay off some of my undergraduate loans before doing so, the scholarship gave me more confidence, and I applied and was accepted. I cannot wait to start classes next week.
  3. I survived, not one, but two, surgeries. I have always been really scared of the word surgery. Like that sounds horrifying to me. I had a septoplasty to correct some issues with my sinuses in March, and it was as terrible as it sounds. Then I had to have one of my tendons cut open and released in November to resolve a trigger digit, and it was even worse than the septoplasty, but here I am typing and living through it.
  4. I put on a brave face when I was terrified of losing my dad. My dad had a heart attack and quadruple bypass in August, and I can admit, it was really super-duper scary. But, a month later my daddy walked my sister down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. Then a month after that he walked around uptown Charlotte with me in the suicide prevention walk that I was extremely passionate about. He now is the proud owner of a treadmill, graduated cardiac rehab, has lost weight, occasionally orders bbq chicken instead of beef at carolina bbq, and is back at work….oh, and has the ability to run around the living room when UGA wins the Rose Bowl. Go dawgs!
  5. I decided to #treatyoself and mark something off my bucket list, and bought tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra the one night they were in town. I even took a day off work the next day so I could sleep in. by the way, 10/10 recommend going to one of their shows at some point in your life.
  6. I also decided to road trip to Chicago to see Hamilton live in action. Also 10/10 recommend it. While we were there we TILTed out of a building 94 floors up, so I was just super adventurous this year, I guess.
  7. Along with the adventurous note, I held a snake…actually more than one…for the first time, and I didn’t cry or throw up or anything. I actually had a really great time, also held a tarantula, and fell in love with the sweetest Argentinian Tegu named Jabba, and learned that reptiles who aren’t turtles aren’t that scary. Thanks, Eastern Exotics.
  8. I was in my first wedding as an adult. I’ve been a flower girl and junior bridesmaid. But I had the privilege of being my sister’s Maid of Honor and was able to stand beside her as she got married.
  9. I met the author of my favorite book. Thirteen Reasons Why has become popular for other reasons, but it will forever be my favorite book. I read it months after it came out, long before it hit the mainstream, and I fell in love. Jay Asher, the author, visited my local library and I got to meet with him before he went out to talk. We talked about my platform and the way his quote in the book “Everything affects everything” helped shape my role in serving others. He even noted that I had a cover on the book that is no longer in print. It was amaaaaaazing.
  10. I served with 12 different organizations as Miss Capital City!!!! I worked with STEM demonstrations at Community Day at the Carolinas Aviation Museum, I served the low-income and homeless of Gaston County at Convoy of Hope, I donated over $600 of supplies to Urban Ministry Center, I volunteered with the 5k event of Stop Soldier Suicide, with the Queen City Harry Potter Alliance of Charlotte at the Geek Gala’s Muggle Market we collected 754 pounds of food for Second Harvest Food Bank Metrolina, at Levine’s inaugural Kids Helping Kids day I helped make cards and blankets for patients, at Activate Good’s Craft for a Cause I made cards for soldiers/goodie bags for first responders/and capes for superhero ill children, I cheered on athletes at Charlotte’s Special Olympics Fall tournament, I donated to Lucky’s Bar and Arcades first Toys for Tokens, my students donated 53 cards to State Farm’s Neighborhood of Good campaign to be taken to local nursing homes then they sent another 50+ with me to a nursing home where some family members work, and at the Warm Hands Project’s christmas party I made Christmas crafts with kids and read christmas stories.
  11. I went to Miss North Carolina. I competed along 43 other beautiful and talented women who are each volunteering with something their heart is passionate about. It was an honor.
  12. I went on my first ghost tour. Charlotte’s History and Haunts tour indulged both my inner history nerd and my inner Wednesday Addams.
  13. I went to my first fraternity beach weekend and survived. I also painted a cooler for it and it was decent.
  14. I was a big girl and asked a man to date me for the first time in my life. He said yes, by the way.
  15. I was nominated for new teacher of the year. I didn’t win, but I was one of only five names on the list, so not too shabby.
  16. I legitimately got into yoga. I’ve liked it for a while but never made it the concentration of my work outs, until this year. I actually got a yoga mat. I completed a 30 day yoga challenge, and I’ve made it a regular part of my life.
  17. I found a doctor who could diagnose what was wrong with me. After 8 years, I finally was diagnosed by a rheumatologist, and felt comforted that my health problems had a name. I have started exploring what works best for me to treat fibromyalgia and UCTD.
  18. I learned to eat salad and like it. It’s like my go to order at zaxby’s now…
  19. I found my niche with my students. I finally am comfortable with my students and my material and have a good time with two of my three classes. They have a sense of community that i have busted my butt to cultivate and I will be sad to see those classes go in a few days.
  20. I paid another one of my loans. Two down, two to go.
  21. I became an alumna of Kappa Delta sorority, which made my heart smile.
  22. I prayed through a singular devotion for the course of lent. I prayed over what it means to be a godly woman, and I hope I became a little closer to being like Jesus in 2017 because of it. Maybe in 2018 I’ll do even better.

A year is over. A new one starts. We’ll see what gets accomplished in 2018.





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